CA 101 Art Gallery


Fine Art Photographer Wesley Hamachi Debuts His Image ‘2012 BC’ at CA 101 Gallery
Bold images produced by the modern digital camera, produce timeless art


Artist Wesley J. Hamachi displays his work with other artists.

Artist Wesley J. Hamachi displays his work with other artists.











06/07/2013 – Redondo Beach, CA

CA101 Gallery will be featuring award winning fine art landscape photographer, Wesley Hamachi (Los Angeles, CA). At the gallery’s opening reception, he will be introducing one of his newest images, ‘2012 BC’.

“I feel so blessed to have one of my images selected to be displayed alongside so many talented artists. The jury that selects the images is always so tough, they only accept the best of the best pieces, so you never know if your submission will even make it into the final gallery display.” said Wesley Hamachi, Fine Art Landscape Photographer. “I carefully choose my images based on how I interpret the theme of the gallery; I know thousands of people will be viewing my work, so I only show my best images.”

The AES Redondo Beach opened its doors to the public on Friday for the opening reception of the CA-101 Art Gallery. The inactive power generation facility compliments the admiration visitors receive from the art work the facility houses, by offering a grand view of its high ceilings, and large windows. The Gallery’s open space is about the size of a football field, and will feature artists’ interpretation of life in California.

“California artists from the Oregon border to San Diego have been invited to share and exchange their creative impressions of life in California,” said Nina Zak Laddon, Gallery Curator CA-101. “During CA101, interaction between artists produces a vibrant, contemporary and creative atmosphere as it continues to promote Redondo Beach as a center of arts and culture in southern California.”

Hamachi’s work will be on display at the CA101 Gallery for two consecutive weekends, June 7, 8, 9 and June 14, 15, 16. This opportunity might be one of the only chances the public will be allowed inside the plant this year.  Besides Photography, this year’s gallery will also include a traditional gallery, abstract gallery, and contemporary installations throughout the exhibition.

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